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Cheap-as-chips brands and web sites v’s astonishing returns…


You’ve invested significant resources, developed the Brilliant Idea, garnered trusted peer thumbs up’s ~ you are so ready to do this thing.

A brilliant peer reviewer mate of mine Ken Crittendon, speaking at a recent Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy ( session, asked the class, “What is more important than sales and marketing to a business?”

I chuckled when, seated in front of me, board member Christian Renaudin (The MarkeTech Group) winked and whispered over his shoulder, “marketing and sales!”

To my point:

Five-buck-build-your-own logos? Ubiquitous template “free” web sites? Generic and cheap as chips may be eu currant and tempting but at what long-term cost and what of returns? Average does not often garner exceptional results. It’s as true now as it always has been ~ you HAVE to look as good as you ARE, your core brand message and visual identity should be focused on your USP brilliant idea, it should feel like you and you alone, be considered, distinct and yes, drop-dead gorgeous ~ not just better than the competitors in your field, but outstandingly better.

Take the time to find talent, leverage deep experience, and together create a stunning and captivating visual image that speaks directly to the heart and soul of your concept, engages and connects with audiences. Vanilla is ok for ice cream, but it has no place on your journey ~ nothing generic or average about you and your team right ~ so bring it with a unique and engaging brand identity… astonish!

“Perception begins with the eye”. ~Aristotle.

“You have to look as good as you are”. ~James Goodchap.