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Design meets fine art in Yosemite National Park

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After a year of pitching Yosemite National Park (Aramark Corp managed), I am thrilled to share that my fine art paintings and custom graphics are now featured on beautiful seven-color shirts, coffee mugs and tumblers and selling like hot cakes at the Valley’s elegant Majestic Hotel. After completing a large 4ft x 4ft) Yosemite Valley oil painting last year, my trusty colleague and fellow SEA entrepreneur Ken Crittendon suggested (well, more like insisted) we visit the stores at Yosemite to review products and determine opportunity. We were very encouraged by what we saw and decided to “go for it!”

Aramark have a mission to “enhance the visitor experience” by featuring products from exceptional local artists. True to that mission, and duly impressed by our distinct branding and professional acumen, they ordered up, sold out in a few weeks and ordered up again 🙂

Our goal is to provide an extensive collection of products (printed locally in Sacramento by the amazing EGThreads), then reach out to additional Aramark managed parks across our lovely nation to keep the ball rolling and growing. Art is to share!

This exciting account is part of my “America Bold & Beautiful” landscape painting tour of the USA. It’s fantastic that I am able to be so mobile, follow my heart to paint and yet retain my clients in California, providing follow-up services in branding and design ~ LOVE this technology!

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Social media marketing to reach & engage today’s audience where THEY are spending time!


GBI is now offering services to help you reach and engage today’s audiences on:

• Linkedin: Banners/logo icons to make you stand out from the crowd

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• YouTube: Video (videos are five times more likely to be viewed than static images); Banner graphics

• Instagram outreach: Only 9% of businesses are currently leveraging this HOT media, so it’s wide open to #hashtag connect with thousands of current customers, prospects and industry colleagues ~ this is a superb opportunity not to be dragging our feet on!

And I can help you connect each of these environments to you only have to make one blog or social media communication that can be “shared” with a simple button click to all the others. Powerful stuff 🙂

Contact me today to figure out a game plan for you ~ it’s not a monster project, you are already producing content for your marketing, put it to work EVERYWHERE!