Monthly Archives: November 2017

Video for Morton Pitalo

Videos get clicked on many times more than static images and web site links. GBI now offers social media brand bundles which includes videos, company Facebook/YouTube/Linkedin/etc banners and monthly message graphics. How does that look for you? Ask and I’ll send you a quick SMBB info, pricing & scheduling overview.

There is NO better way to improve SEO than engaging folks via just a few simple social media platforms. It’s where your people, customers, prospects and colleagues are NOW. Ad and direct mail outreach etc used to draw deep from our annual marketing budgets, but social media will typically not cost a PENNY! This is too important and too valuable and opportunity to do this “home-made” yourself.

Your brand guru has adjusted his skill set to meet the needs of his client’s current marketing world. “You have to look as good as you are,” right?