Monthly Archives: October 2017

Social media brand consistency and multiple impressions connect

Happy Friday 13th! Thought for the lucky day: Keep up your brand consistency throughout ALL your marketing and social media outreach efforts. Consistency is a subtle way of saying to your audience: “They must have their act together!”


By using and re-using cohesive identity elements and core brand messaging points, you will to to boot, enjoy an economy of cost in producing the various communication graphics. The number of impressions still counts ~ do you recall how many ads you had to place or direct mail pieces it took to get seen, read and acted upon? These are the new multiple impression ads ~ getting seen where folks are these days on Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. These platforms are a lot less expensive to post, so budget to get them “looking as good as you are” speaking to your core brand values with consistency and regularity. Best regards and have a terrific weekend, James 🙂