Monthly Archives: April 2017

Brand clean up and collateral consolidation for an amazing recycling business

“It’s like the difference between chalk and cheese” my grandmother used to say. Same great company, same great people and service but now they LOOK as great as they are. You know me and how I like to quote Aristotle – “Perception begins with the eye”. If you need to properly get rid of recycling or an office clean up, call these guys, if you need a marketing materials clean up, call me! See “Before & After image below.
It was also a pleasure to work with a company who are helping others with their recycling needs. Saving the planet and saving them money.
The logo was already created. I was invited to re-design it if I felt that necessary, but it was a good brand, just needed adjusting a tad — it had a gauche little arrow at the end of the graphic which was strategically gratuitous so off it came. Keep your logo concept clean and focused on your salient feature.
We also honed in on the core message platform. The tagline read, “The Total Solution”, we changed it to “Your Total Solution”, and put an emphasis on the essential MWS differentiator: One stop recycling needs = simpler life for clients and cost savings. Very attractive points, now upfront and generating new customers. Brand marketing… so much more than just a pretty face.



New “Responsive” web site and marketing materials freshen up for Morton Pitalo

mpe-blog-imageCouple of exciting projects to share this month. Morton Pitalo, Sacramento’s oldest civil engineering firm, has been a client of mine for years. I re-designed their logo some 15 years ago, but it was time to update collateral, refresh the brand identity look and feel, and create a new responsive web site: Click here to see

Google ONLY sees responsive sites now, did you know that? And some 60% of web sites are viewed on mobile devices, cell phones in particular. Let me know if you need to update your site. No ubiquitous-looking templates that you have to fit into, we custom build to suit your content and YOUR distinct brand. Look good everywhere!
Content and visual coherence between your web site and your marketing tools is not just brilliant branding, it is cost effective too. Check out the collateral messaging and images, it’s easy to see how they transferred seamlessly into the web site.