Monthly Archives: January 2017

Happy New Year!

Having had an office on Capitol Mall for the past two years has influenced many artworks — dozens of landscape watercolors of the Sutter Buttes and Sacramento River, and several oil and acrylic paintings inspired by the glassy metal towers, flanking as if to frame the classic and lovely architecture of the State Capitol building.
I was visiting Old Sacramento on New Year’s Day, and upon egress, saw an opportunity to take a photo of the Capitol Mall for a possible artwork. The photo went onto my computer and four applications later, these images emerged.  I often develop new art this way, leveraging my years as a photographer and digital designer / artist into paintings, usually on the larger size.
Please accept my sharing and enjoy these desktop background images as “best wishes for a fantastic 2017”. Creativity is inside us, our environment is our palette.
You can simply drag and drop the images to your desktop from this blog. If you’re on a PC, just go to SETTINGS, Control Panel, and Change Desktop Background. Select the image(s) and place them “Center” is best and they look great on a black or dark background! NOTE: I have these at higher resolutions of course and in vector (adobe illustrator) formats. Please just let me know if you would like files emailed to you 🙂
Here’s to making new, exciting, beautiful things happen this year,
Cheers and warm regards,
cap-mall close-up1 close-up2