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In-house branding and motivational team building icons for First Direct Lending

First Direct Lending (see blog post dated August 17, 2015  “Identity and web site interface for First Direct Lending”) in-house office team building murals and signs.

Encouraging team spirit and a healthy competitive work environment, FDL called on GBI to  develop an Ellie the elephant icon for a large-scale office mural (over 8ft x 8ft). Messages draw similarities between Elephants and FDL work ethics: “Elephants have big hearts”, Elephants work together to accomplish goals” etc.

Ten license plates were designed and printed about 3ft wide, each representing individual teams within the office to promote an exciting work ethic and fitting the dynamic go-getter personalities at FDL.

ellie mural

FDL plate1FDL plate5FDL plate4FDL plate2


Triple Double Sports Bar and Grill identity and murals

An exciting new sports bar and grill is about to open on 419 J Street, Sacramento, right across from the new downtown Kings Arena.

Triple Double (a basketball reference) Sports Bar and Grill commissioned Goodchap to develop a series of iconic sporting artworks to be used in branding and painted as visual accents throughout the bar / restaurant.

When a brand visual identity extends into every level of customer awareness and experience, it makes a deep impression and not only will be remembered, it will even be regularly promoted by customers to others. From huge bold murals, brand presentation, menu and web site, to take-away items like coasters and postcards showing the striking sporting artworks. Art becomes brand, brand becomes art. A powerful symbiotic combination of visual events.

tripD trip slide color lr

Book cover for Jennifer Ann Gordon

Book cover for the amazing Jennifer Ann Gordon.

“Comfort food for the hungry heart. Inspiration, humor and epiphanies straight from Jennifer Ann Gordon’s own experience, the book is deceptively simple and ultimately profound. Gordon’s book is designed to help women move forward with more confidence, joy, and gratitude. It tells the story of ‘everywoman’ and is perfect for the busy woman who, opening it at random, can find refreshment in a few minutes.”

JAG cover for blog

Dance Ten studio component brand identity

This versatile and expandable brand is made up of “approved” identity elements. Dancer silhouettes drawn from a student photo shoot, combine with boxes which can contain numeral “10” or the letters “TEN”, upper and lower case applications. This varied but cohesive play of brand components, along with a bold color palette, compliments the excellence, joy and fun of a wonderful Sacramento based dance studio.

dance 10





California Arts Council logo

A new logo for the California Arts Council.

Goodchap Brand Identity was asked back 2005 to create a logo for CAC, and ten years later it was a great pleasure to hear from them again! The brief was to create a vibrant, energetic and distinct mark that would represent none of the arts individually (no typical endless images of dancers and trumpets and paint brushes and, “what about singers?” conversations), just a bold and elegant logo which celebrates all of them.

“A superb design process.” – Caitlin Fitzwater – California Arts Council.



Identity and web site interface branding for First Direct Lending

Core visual identity for a new low-rates lending company. Web site creative and graphics production.

Sometimes a client already has an excellent technical web site resource, or needs a web platform that is very specific in terms of functionality, and they have specialists on-board to build it. First Direct Lending leveraged Goodchap branding and interface design services to develop the look and feel of the site, structure content and create final graphics set to the specifications of the client’s web development team.

It’s an excellent way to get the best of both worlds. Brand expertise and specialized development skills.

home d6 copy